About the Witness Project® of Harlem


The Witness Project® of Harlem is a breast and cervical cancer education project focusing on African-American women.

In church, people witness to save souls.

At the Witness Project® of Harlem, they witness to save lives.

The Witness Project® of Harlem aims to address racial disparities in breast and cervical cancer. By having cancer survivors openly share details about their diagnosis and treatment as well as lay health advisors educate the community on the importance of cancer screening, we aim to reduce health disparities and save lives.

Since 2001, we have reached out to over 3500 women…and we are continuing our mission to reach many more!

“Takes a Community to Save Lives…”

With this mindset, the Witness Project® of Harlem serves the community at large − from church, senior centers, schools & PTAs, health fairs − basically anywhere we are invited!